My name is Christopher Van and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I am currently a student of the Ron Paul Curriculum in 10th grade, I am a Boy Scout and I am devoted to the art of music with my Tuba. From K-4th grade, I was in public school and I was alright until I went to a public High School during 5th-6th grade. The learning environment was terrible; nearly everyday some kid was dragged out of my classroom by a police officer for causing a disruption. I was unable to understand the concepts that the public school taught because I was unable to understand Common Core. It was not until the 7th grade that my parents pulled me out of public school and signed me up for a homeschool Curriculum. From 7th-9th grade my family and I had tried two different homeschool Curriculums that did not work. We were frustrated and about to give up homeschooling, until we tried the Ron Paul Curriculum. The Ron Paul Curriculum has made homeschooling a blast and I am finally able to under the concepts that they teach because there is no Common Core. I can say from personal experience that you will not find another Curriculum like this one. Please, do not make the same mistakes that I and my parents have made by waiting this long to start the Ron Paul Curriculum, so please click here to see how you can avoid making my mistakes.