Benefits of the best online homeschool curriculum “The Ron Paul Curriculum”

As a student that has participated in public-schools and other online/textbook based homeschool Curriculums, I can say without a doubt that The Ron Paul Curriculum is the best online homeschool curriculum. The Curriculum has many benefits that have helped me and tens of thousands of other students receive better educations. The benefits below are only a small fraction of what the Curriculum provides, but from my experience I believe they are some of the most important benefits.

  • The Curriculum has NO Common Core from K-12th Grade.
  • The Curriculum prepares students to take CLEP exams to quiz out of college (this will save you tens of thousands of dollars).
  • The teachers are skilled professionals that are trusted by former Congressman Ron Paul.
  • Most of the high school courses are taught by college professors and teachers with Ph.D’s.
  • 98% of everything above the 3rd Grade is self-taught (students teach themselves, not the parents)
  • 30+ courses and over 9,500 video-based lessons.
  • Courses that the Ron Paul Curriculum provides, but most other Curriculums do not provide, include 2 years of Western Civilization (most Curriculums only provide 1 year), 2 years of Western Literature (most Curriculums only provide 1 year), 1 year on the U.S. Constitution (most Curriculums do not even provide this course), 2 years of Business courses (these courses are taught by experienced businessmen: Richard Emmons and Gary North), 1 year of Personal Finance (most teenagers are not taught this early enough) and 1 year of Public Speaking (this course is taught by Bradley Fish, Jr).
  • There are NO textbooks to buy, even in Math courses.
  • Lessons are taught through videos, so students can stop and review the video if they did not understand something.
  • Austrian Economics is taught in the Business courses, not Keynesian Economics.
  • Everything comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • And so much more…

If you want to learn more about this Curriculum, then please click here so you can find out how to change your children’s/child’s education for the better too.

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