Western Literature

The 2 year courses on Western Literature are taught by Gary North, who has a Ph.D. He is the author of 50+ volumes, including Honest Money and Salvation Through Inflation. He has published the Remnant Review newsletter ever since 1974. He has published over 1,250 articles on Lew Rockwell.com. In the Ron Paul Curriculum he teaches economics, U.S. history, business, government, and the English courses.

Mr. North has taught me that if you analyze a piece of literature long enough and you know the history surrounding the piece of literature, then you can obtain a general sense of the intentions of the author when he wrote the literature. Mr. North has made me read everything from The Bible to Roman/Greek literature to Medieval/Renaissance literature. He has taught me to look at literature in different perspectives and angles to find the “secret intentions” of the author. The Western Literature course has shown me a different side of literature while keeping the content fun and intriguing. I have really enjoyed this course and I can not wait to start Western Literature II.