Courses that The Ron Paul Curriculum offers to students

The top online homeschool curriculum “The Ron Paul Curriculum” offers multiple courses from K-12 that are both fun and interesting. The online courses are taught by skilled professionals that are trusted by former Congressman Ron Paul. Most of the high school courses are even taught by college professors and teachers with Ph.D’s. The courses provide enough information to students to pass CLEP exams to quiz out of college (this will save parents tens of thousands of dollars). All of the courses contain NO Common Core and about 98% of the courses above the 3rd grade are self-taught. This means that parents do not need to be as heavily involved in their children’s/child’s education, as they will be taught to teach themselves. This is suppose to relieve stress from the parents and to prepare students for college and the real world, where there will be nobody to hold their hand and tell them what to do to succeed in life.

The Math and Science courses do not have “busy work” and difficult concepts are easy to understand because the teachers are expert orators. The Curriculum provides students with two years of Western Civilization and Western Literature. This is unique to this Curriculum as most of the other online Curriculums only provide a one year course on Western Civilization and Western Literature. There is a full year course on the U.S. Constitution, which I can safely say from personal experience that there are almost no public school, private school or other homeschool Curriculums that provide a full year course on the U.S. Constitution. There is a full-year course on public speaking to insure that students are able to orate effective speeches.

There is a full-year course on personal-finance for teenagers to help them prepare for the real world. Most teenagers are never taught personal-finance early enough, but this Curriculum will teach them how to properly handle their money. There is even a two year-long Business course, taught by actual experienced business men Richard Emmons and Gary North, on how to start a business that students can operate in their own home. I am on my first year in the Business course and I have learned numerous business concepts that elude most business men in today’s era. The Business course, by far, has been the most valuable course for me. I would recommend this Curriculum just for this course, but there are multiple other courses that provide numerous benefits that I have not mentioned. If you want to learn more on how the Ron Paul Curriculum can provide your children/child with the best courses, then click here.

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